November 6, 2008

You Say You Want a Revolution...

Just like Ford's loss to Carter gave us Reagan, and Clinton's win in '92 gave the Republicans the House and Senate in '94, the election of 2008 gives the GOP an opportunity to regroup and focus on who we really are.

The good news from Tuesday's results is that the loss was so overwhelming, on all levels, it should wake up the entire party.

Nationally, the loss should indicate that being a Democrat-light party is NOT how we will win elections. John McCain tried to win by playing to the middle; a strategy that was doomed to fail.

Sarah Palin was NOT the reason we lost - she was not a drag on the ticket like some geniuses would have you believe. If she was, Republicans in other races would have won despite the poor performance at the top of the ticket. That didn't happen, with exception of Jim Gerlach.

On the statewide level, a lack of message to counter the national opinion of the party contributed to major defeats. The PA GOP just didn't provide any reason for voters to separate the local races from the others.

Locally, the circus that is the division within Montco has contributed to a vision of an inept and ineffective party machine. While many people simply couldn't put their hatred of others aside and work together, Democrats were mobilized, well-funded, and focused.

Conservative issues won nationally. Traditional marriage (between a man and a woman) was upheld in Florida and California. Forced "green" legislation also lost in California, a state that some think should be at the head of the environmental movement.

Democrats didn't get the filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate they were hoping for. A united Republican party (if they stand firm) will stifle any attempts by the left to bee-line our country to socialism.

Props to Rush for seeing this bright light at the end of the tunnel, the above came from his Wednesday remarks. The Doctor of Democracy always was able to maintain focus. Hannity also pointed out a poll which indicated that only 9% of the voting public believed the GOP was "too conservative".

It's time our party returned to the Goldwater/Reagan/Gingrich party of years past. Remember how many times you heard recently, "there is just no difference between the two parties". When we got power, we acted like Democrats; spent like Democrats; ruled like Democrats. That's because a lot of "moderates" felt we need to soften our image, we needed a "new tone". But as Tuesday's results show, doing so just leads to defeat.

Now is the time for the GOP's next conservative revolution.


Anonymous said...

"Locally, the circus that is the division within Montco has contributed to a vision of an inept and ineffective party machine. While many people simply couldn't put their hatred of others aside and work together, Democrats were mobilized, well-funded, and focused."

You're right, Ed.

But these are bold words coming from a guy who supported Jim Matthews and not Bruce Castor last year. You supported some row office candidates, but not Bob Sander for controller.

You know, if you practiced what you preached it might be a little more credible. If, instead of posting then taking down critiques of people you don't like, you simply committed yourself to working with them for the good of the party, everyone would be better off.

You ran for ATRO Chairman and then immediately denounced those who did not support you. No pledge to work together. No commitment to a common goal. No, you chose to divide with slash and burn "You Won't Have Nixon To Kick Around Anymore" exits.

It is sad. So much of MCRC is unified and yet you subscribe to this small band of malcontents, Adam Gattuso and Ann Pilgreen among them, who attempted to use the McCain campaign to divide the committee even further.

Don't take this as a shot below the belt. Think about it. Think about what YOU have done to reach out and try to mend fences. I think you'd be surprised how welcoming people would be. But you have to take that step. No one can take it for you. Part and parcel with that is showing others the respect you would expect if you were in their shoes.

That includes ATRO and MCRC leadership. The very lack of respect and cooperation you denounce, you are guilty of engaging in.

Think about it, Ed. Then maybe do something about it.

page13 said...

I suppose you don't know about this summer's letter I wrote to the ATRO committee pledging my support of the new leadership.

I didn't denounce those who didn't support me, I took a shot at two people. One of those I have since apologized to and have continued to work with him. The other I won't because the individual doesn't deserve it since they have shown no willingness to do the same.

No, I didn't support Sandler because of the steps he took to gain the endorsement; which wasn't by convincing people he was a better candidate, but rather by using laweristic tactics.

I will support MCRC when they show a willingness to support hard working people who volunteer, not just those who attend the cocktail partys and write checks.

Yes, I supported Jim and am disappointed in what he's done since. I also supported Bruce during the election with my volunteer activities. I am still keeping an open mind about Bruce and other than my ill-conceived attack of him earlier this year, have remained silent.

Too bad his supporters have not taken the same steps...yet.