November 14, 2008

Recount Favors the Dem - Again

Why does it seem every vote recount gives Democrats greater vote results than the original count?

Although official vote recounts have yet to begin, the margin for Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman is shrinking. At first, Coleman held a 725 vote lead. That lead is now down to 206 and mysterious ballots, all of which favor Al Franken, continue to surface.

Suspicious? The Wall Street Journal thinks so.


Anonymous said...

Recounts don't always favor Dems. Gore, Hanging chads, Florida, Katherine Harris, any of these ring a bell? I just hope that the recounts going on today are better organized and more honest then they were in Florida in 2000.

page13 said...

Ah yes, 2000. Bush started with a 2,000 vote lead. Then, after several attempts at a recount, Gore closed the gap to 537. I suppose if they had continued to recount, including the felons they (Dems) were trying to include and the military members they were trying to exclude, Gore may have eventually won.

Too bad they hadn't thought of the hide-the-votes-in-the-trunk trick yet.

How can all the found votes only be on one side anyway? Honesty...yep, Dems sure have a monopoly on that.

page13 said...

...not to mention park-bench-registrations, 72 registrations to one human, and dead voting.

Does ACORN ring a bell?