November 8, 2008

The State of the GOP

A great article by Lowman Henry in The Pottstown Mercury on the state of the National Republican Party and the PA GOP.

Hat Tip Tony Phyrillas


Anonymous said...

Does this mean we're not supporting Arlen in 2010?

page13 said...

Since I don't know who we is (another anonymous guest), I'm not sure I owe an answer to such a baited question.

But I'll answer anyway.

Arlen is not my kind of Republican; it would be inconsistent of me to say otherwise.

He was wrong on Bork, but when it came to Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, he did the right thing.

The 28 year veteran has been right on gun control (against), but wrong on immigration, wiretapping (though ultimately he voted, rightly, for the 2008 amendment), and the bailout.

But the spy-gate silliness, opposition to pro-growth issues, and his support of pro-choice and LGBT issues makes it tough for me to support him.

Ultimately, how he deals with the Obama administration may be the determining factor for my support/opposition.

One thing about Arlen, he wins when Republicans don't.