November 5, 2008

The "It's All About Me" Election

Some reasons others voted for Barack Obama...

Barack Obama will pay for my gas.

Barack Obama will pay for my college.

Barack Obama will take care of my mortgage.

Barack Obama will give me health care.

Barack Obama will relieve my white guilt.

Barack Obama will make rich people suffer...
...and I will feel better.

Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.

Congratulations President-Elect Obama, you have a tall order on your hands. I promise you, the vitriol and hate those on the left have hurled towards the man you will replace, will not come from this author. But I will scrutinize every attempt you make to turn our country into the USSA. My opposition to your candidacy was never about race; it was simply about defending our republic from a turn toward socialism.

May God bless you Sir, you're going to need it.


Anonymous said...

Very well said.

He is off to a tentative good start by what he didn't say in his acceptance speech - and will be given room to show that he can resist the pressure from much of his party to give an outlet to all of the vitriol (by punishing everyone else.) The expectation is quite high.

Sawyer Phinx said...
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Sawyer Phinx said...
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Anonymous said...

This isn't a news blog, it's an "All about me" blog. Anyone who disagrees with you or points out the flaws in your logic has their reply removed. Publishing propaganda and calling it news ...sounds a bit like socialism, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

No, we don’t expect Obama to pay for our gas, college or mortgage. We do expect him to care about the middle class, a group that has been ignored for a number of years now. Contrary to the “trickle down” concept, when the middle class is doing well, so are the well-to-do. When people have money to buy cars, TVs and clothes, the people who own the stores do well. The people that own the companies do well. The people who sell stock for the CEOs of the companies do well.

We don’t expect Obama to give us money for college, but how about a tax deduction for families paying huge tuition bills? Certainly we can put something like that in the tax code if we were able to put tax breaks in the Reagan tax code for people who bought “large” boats? (Do people with yachts need a tax break?)

We do not expect Obama to pay for our healthcare. We are hopeful that he and the Congress can come up with a sensible plan to make healthcare more available and portable. You should be able to take your health insurance with you when you move or change jobs. Not for free, but it would be great to have the option of picking up the cost of your medical plan should you switch jobs. Ed, have you or your family ever had to go without medical insurance? Have you ever had anyone in your family with an illness that did not have medical coverage available? Have you even been turned down for medical insurance because you take a medication, even for a simple ailment? Have you ever had to worry about losing your home because you are between health insurance policies and a family member was in the hospital for a few days which generated a $100,000, or larger, bill?? Private insurance is very expensive, if you have any medical problems at all, it is out of reach, or rejected totally for many. COBRA is a joke. We are willing to pay for it, but if your making $40,000 a year, its hard to plan to pay $17,000, $18,000 a year or more just for health insurance.

And, Ed, as far as your promise not to put out the “vitriol and hate” about Obama as people have done towards the current administration, I have to ask, have you ever actually read your own blog??? There are many items in it that have already qualified as “vitriol and hate”. I sometimes feel sorry for how negatively you see so much in the country. A Democrat in the White House is not the end of the world. Obama is not a socialist, Marxist or terrorist. He is a thoughtful, intelligent man who has hopes for his children’s future, just as you do.

I hope you give the administration a chance to get started before you start talking about everything that it is doing wrong. It won’t be fixed in 6 months or a year. It probably won’t be fixed in a term, but the administration has got to start working on the country’s problems before we wind up having to put a big “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” sale on Washington. Obama has a monumental set of tasks before him. I wish him and the new administration the strength to do the job ahead of them.

Sawyer Phinx said...





page13 said...

Anonymous 2...I remove comments which are personal attacks, or unrelated to the subject matter.

See several comments in prior posts by Draco as proof.

Anonymous 3, I said some supporters. Like the lady this clip ( which is indicative of many of Barry's supporters.

If pointing out Barry's associations is vitriol and hate, then you and I have different definitions of those words. Bush received vitriol and hate, I pointed out issues and questioned Barry's judgement. flat out lied in your personal no, you don't deserve to have your comment on my blog nor do you deserve a response.
As I stated in the email I sent you, I won't embarrass you by proving to people how pathetic you are.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 3 -
You don't really think that she believes that all of her bills are going to be paid by the new administration? I believe the context is that she has hope that the economy will get better, she won't have to worry about losing her job and having money to pay her bills. We are now at a 25 year high unemployment rate.

page13 said...

I wish I could say yes A3...

But when the American people don't understand what got us into this mess then we will never fix the problems we face.

We have become an entitlement society. A lot of folks believe government can and will (or should) save them when times get tough.

I too actually wish Barry luck, but the reality is he can't/won't without a serious adjustment in the way government operates. That will never happen under Democrat control. They fought hard for entitlements since FDR created the New Deal and LBJ brought us the Great Society.

They demagogued the sub-prime lending crisis when Bush and the GOP warned them of it 4 years ago; they said it was a fabricated crisis. An $800 billion crisis doesn't happen in 8 short years.

See this post for proof...

The expectations by Barry's supporters are just impossible to achieve.