November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey, Sweet Potato Souffle, Orange Sweet Rolls, Pecan Pie, Apple Sauce Brownies, Kids old enough to help cook, Alice's Restaurant (funny beyond it's message), Football (hope the tryptophan has kicked in by the time the Eagles take the field), a 4 day weekend, and the new banks I now own thanks to the government...

...just a few of the things I am gracious for on this Thanksgiving Day.

...oh, and an address nowhere near India - May God Bless the victims and their families.

May God Bless you and your family as well, Happy Thanksgiving from page13news!!


Ted said...

Best explanation (following 2 you tube videos) I've seen for the total media blackout of what is the single greatest news event and domestic threat -- let's call it OBAMAGATE -- since the outbreak of the American Civil War and for the sincere prayers of the American people that the United States Supreme Court -- let's call it OUR LAST HOPE -- now to have the courage to save our great nation as we have come to know it:

Draco said...

Ted, I pray for you, and people like you. I really do. It makes me sad that you're obviously literate, yet you can so easily be taken advantage of.
You know what? I'll personally donate my inaguration tickets to you so you can see Obama get sworn into office in person.
All I need is your address, SSN, bank account number, and your ATM PIN.
God help America, because far too many people think like you.

Anonymous said...

"God help America, because far too many people think like you."

Because far too many of us dont want Obama as our President.

Oh- and before you go shoveling out drivel about how "the masses voted for Obama because they wanted him..." Stop and think about how many, who had no clue, voted for him (and admittedly so) "just to get a black man in the white house."

Would the democratic candidate have won had he/she been a caucasian?

page13 said...

Can someone tell me what happened to the holiday spirit?

Geez, I walk away from the computer to go cook the best damn Thankgiving Day dinner in SEPA, and everyone gets all political on me.

Ted, I wouldn't bank on Obamagate, but it will be telling to see if the constitution is still a viable document. Check out my "October Surprise" post, if you haven't already.

Draco, my friend, God Bless. No shot, just a thanks for your loyal readership and conversational engagement. Other opposition readers take the hit and run approach, but I find you more genuine.

Anonymous...chill my brother. I hear what you are saying, but try and take the level of the conversation up a notch.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, I did.

Draco said...

Ed, hope your turkey turned out great, and that you and your family had a great holiday.

Ted, I apologize for not prefacing my diatribe with "happy thanksgiving"; it would have been the polite thing to do.

Same to you anonymous; but I think you've missed my point. I don't think your choice for POTUS, or Ted's choice, is anything but your honest opinion. And since we live in the USA, thanks for actually caring and voting.
What I was referring to was the subject of the youtube videos in Ted's post, and the fact that some of the people that don't want Obama are still intent on not coming together, and still trying to convince people that Obama is a "domestic threat".
So, again. God help America; may he keep her safe.