November 12, 2008

Hamas-Obama Team Met Before Election

From Pajamas Media...

While campaigning, Barack stated he would only meet with Hamas if they renounced terrorism, recognized Israel, and honored current agreements.

Though this shattering revelation by Hamas hasn't happened yet, one would at least expect Obama would wait until he assumed the Oval Office before meeting with one of the world's most notorious organizations.

But as one will often find with the Obama team, the reality is much different.

As Dr. Ahmad Yousef, Hamas political advisor, stated,
“We were in contact with a number of Obama’s aides through the Internet, and later met with some of them in Gaza, but they advised us not to reveal this information as it may influence the elections or become manipulated by McCain’s campaign.”
No worries Israel. Since American voters have seen the light, the world now loves both of us.


Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe that you believe this drivel, but then that is because you want to believe it. You said the other day that you wished "Barry" luck and were going to wait and see what he did before you critisized. He is not even in office yet, and the claws have come out.

You know, those "top Republican advisors" said Sarah Palin didn't know Africa was a county, and I don't believe that because it was put out by the same sort as the type that put out the Hamas story. This crap gets publicity, its gets headlines, that is why it gets published.

I think you should consider verifying sources before you publish information like this.

---- CRDem

page13 said...

Your issue seems to be with the British source. I am merely passing the message along. Perhaps you should be angry with the Hamas political advisor who was quoted.

Since you don't believe this "drivel", who's your source to contradict the claim? Did Obama deny the claim?

Seems to me you are simply a blind cult follower, who can't accept a negative word being said about the man, despite his blatent lie.

I do wish Barry luck...But I won't sit by and watch him sell out to those who would love to do the US or Israel harm.

Draco said...

I've never really understood the "lending credibility by meeting with them" argument, but I'll consider it for this topic. Obama never met with them. He didn't give them a platform.
So a bunch of his aides meet with Hamas. What's the big deal? I'd love to have a president that has actually been informed about what our enemies think and want.
I'm tired of the "they hate our freedom" nonsense as well.
So again, technically, Obama hasn'rt met with them. His aides have.
I know that's a BS way of looking at it, but so is the idea that we're somehow serving our joint causes by not talking. At least to draw the current boundaries of the problems we face.