May 22, 2008


You know who you are, so no need for me to say it here. While you weren't a part of the majority last night, you are brave for standing with me. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Over the past 15 days I have been busy attempting to win over the the hearts and minds of ATRO members. Last night they chose someone else. While my official opponent was a straight-laced, upstanding gentleman who will do a better job than the outgoing chairman, he wasn't the one I was competing against.

The theme last night centered around three primary issues.

The first issue was fundraising. The new chair will do a better job than the exiting one. The former chair is now MCRC's new treasurer. It says something about the judgement of the new leadership at MCRC when they tap the resources of a proven failure. If ATRO needs money so desperately, it's because the old guard was miserably ineffective at the task. The good news - his days manipulating ATRO are over.

The second issue, as stated by one member to me last night, payback. Anger towards an individual I dared to support, years ago. Unfortunately, some voting members couldn't get beyond their issues with him. (No, they weren't talking about Jim)

The third issue, loyalty. Jon Fox taught me something about it over the last 5 months. Proving that while he expects it, he has no understanding of the concept himself.

To all my friends in ATRO, including those voting for my opponent, it's been a pleasure standing next to you over the past 8 years. I accept your decision and appreciate the kind words you shared with me after last night's vote.

The results won't deter me from my conservative flag-waving. But now that I have some additional time on my hands, I'll use it wisely. First on the calender, 8 laps behind the wheel at Pocono Raceway on Father Day. Video is sure to follow!

That's all for now. My four-year-old is struggling with his shoe laces, again.


jld said...

Wow Maybe in your speech you should have included the comments that you made in your blog entry. Maybe this is why an overwhelming majority of the members 56 voted for the other guy. Its your arch conservative flag waving that is costing the party votes in Abington try moving to the ideals of Lincoln and TR and maybe you'll win back Abington. Your attacks on members of the association just indicate that the 56 people who voted the way they did were correct. Your not helping the party your hurting it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sounds like you have no leadership qualities. Good thing ATRO members voted in the other guy! First of all you don't win votes over 15 days, it takes several years to build that kind of support and trust, and based on your comments about past ATRO chair and Bob Kerns it's going to take a century of repair work to start building any type of foundation. Looks like you took "The Matthews syndrome" to a new level!