May 14, 2008

McCain Jumps the Shark

It's one thing to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats to reach bi-partisan reform. It's one thing to be a thorn in the side of conservatives focused on Supreme Court appointments. But when you adopt bad science and embrace the global warming fraud, you are going where conservatives and thinking people don't dare.

John McCain has been teasing adoption of the wacko environmentalists platform on climate change for months. Yesterday, he jumped the shark.

I can understand political posturing to appeal to the larger general election audience. But the move shows a lack of wisdom and strength, for someone who wants a position which begs such qualities.

Hey John, less talking please. Both Democrats have fallen in the polls as more people hear from them and see their true colors. As you faded from the spotlight after securing the nomination, your numbers steadily rose. Haven't you noticed?

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