May 23, 2008

Simple Math

Thanks to Steve Keeley of FOX29 News, the obligatory Friday before Memorial Day report from the shore, whining about gas prices, has just been aired.

Gas is somewhere around $3.80 and according to this genius, the price is enough to change holiday travel plans. He did the same report when the price was $2.80. He provided us with figures from AAA stating less people will travel this weekend simply because of the prices to prove his point.

So let's do a little basic math...

According to Keeley's report, drivers will average 100 miles to reach their favorite shore town. Considering you must get back to work eventually, count 200 miles. If you get a pathetic 10 miles to the gallon, you'll use 20 gallons of gas.

Steve's premise leads one to think the high price of gas is altering vacation plans. However, if you can afford a weekend down the shore, why would an additional $20 stop you?

Perspective folks, the news media has lost it.


JB said...

Gas in Conshohocken on Ridge Pike at Chemical Road was $4.17 today. Glad I traded in my 15mpg minivan for a 23mpg crossover! Still on my first tank of gas and I've been down the shore and a full week's commute.

Anonymous said...

I drive a Durango and get an average of about 14 mpg.

I'll keep my gas guzzler, thank you. I feel safer and am comfortable driving it. I do not whine about gas prices because I'm a realist...if and when they reach 5, 6, 7 dollars a gallon, I'll still fill the tank. Work doesn't come to me, I go to work. Simple, no?

By the way, that gas station at Ridge and Chemical is notoriously .20-.25 cents higher than competing stations just a quarter mile away...they get away with the high prices because they bank on the people who get off to gas up before getting off of the blue route and onto the turnpike...last chance gas, so to speak. The "townies" avoid that place like the plague.