May 25, 2008

Soviet Anthem and Obama

Hat tip to Pajamas Media for a story about a free concert held last weekend in Portland Oregon. The headliners were a group named the Decemberists who start each one of their concerts with the Soviet National anthem.

The media hailed the event as an Obama rally, where 75,000 came to show their overwhelming support. The problem is they failed to mention the Decemberists role completely.

Irony surrounds the band's chosen name. The Decemberists were a real organization founded in the early 1800's. Unfortunately their rebellion to establish a constitutional democracy was unsuccessful and members were either killed or exiled to Siberia by the very political persuasions this rock group hails as glorious.

Just like the new progressives, the new communists completely misunderstand history. Communism forbade rock and roll; free expression was stifled. Only in Amerika is this type of political free speech allowed.

Oleg Atbashian, creator of, authored the PJM piece. Having lived under the old Soviet regime, his recognition of Communism comes through first hand experience. He understands the danger of nanny-state control and the superficial promises Obama offers.

Sleep-walking Americans, lacking historical context, will soak up the message of hope and change. Gladly hopping on the bandwagon so as to cleanse themselves of political/racial guilt, these mind-numbed-robots will pull the lever for Barack.

Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.

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