June 18, 2011

This is Montco Democrats Priority?

Abington ADD Rally
photo courtesy of Abington.Patch.com
Unemployment is at 9.1%, food and gas prices are through the roof, and a double dip in the housing market is looming.  So much for the "Summer of Recovery II".

Never mind that silly stuff, State Representative and Montgomery County Commissioner Candidate, Josh Shapiro (D-Abington), let's everyone know what his priority is: protecting a narrow fringe segment of society and political bedfellows, NOT jobs. **(VIDEO - 2:09 mark)**

They call themselves Abington ADD (Against Discrimination and Defamation) and today's rally was to shame, I suppose, Abington Commissioners into voting for an ordinance the public doesn't want nor need.  This Abington.Patch story provides background on the vote.

Also in attendance was Abington Democrat Chairman, Michael Barbiero, who knows a thing or two about hate and name-calling defamation.  This Tea Party Patriot (not Teabagger) wants an apology; I won't hold my breath.

Mr. Chairman...HATE, swings both ways as well.

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