June 7, 2011

Big Lie Number Three

Tea Party Patriots is releasing a four-part series of statements regarding the U.S. debt ceiling which explain the organization's opinion the topic. Here is part 3:

Big Lie Number Three

Members of the republican "leadership" will tell you this lie.
"Raising the debt ceiling is inevitable; and the democrats want it so badly they're willing to give us some really great deals in order to get it. We can take advantage of it and get some cool stuff in exchange for our votes. It'll be great!"

Frighteningly, many of the republicans in congress trust the promises made to them by their fellow members. They haven't learned that there always turns out to be a loophole, or an "unforeseen" circumstance, or just an outright betrayal that ends up benefiting socialism and thwarting conservatism.

When is the last time anyone can remember the republicans making a "deal" with the democrats that didn't result in the American people getting shafted?

To some it appears that the democrats repeatedly lure the republicans in with promises of bipartisanship and goodwill. Then when they've gotten everything they want, the democrats whack the republicans over the head with a two by four and break their deal, leaving the republicans bewildered and Americans saying, "we told you so."

To others it appears that both republicans and democrats have neither the desire, the intelligence, nor the will-power to solve the problems with our government. They simply want to stay in office and enjoy life in the ruling class.

In either case, here's the message we want republicans and democrats to hear from the voters in their districts:

You Raising the Debt Ceiling EQUALS...

Me Voting for Your Opponent in the Primary and in the General Election

Raising the debt ceiling is not good for America, no matter what deal you think you're getting in exchange for it.

If you want a balanced budget amendment, pass a balanced budget amendment AND DON'T raise the debt ceiling.

If you want big spending cuts, pass big spending cuts AND DON'T raise the debt ceiling.

If you want the Capitol cafeteria to sell pizza on Friday, just ask the chef AND DON'T raise the debt ceiling.

Do you see the simple beauty of this pattern?

The point is, find another way to get the "deals" that you want without selling your vote on the debt ceiling.


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