June 25, 2011

'On the Origins' of Civil Society

Evolution, it's the left's favorite progressive concept.

You've seen the cute little car emblems, like the one I've captioned in this post.  It's a not-so-subtle tip of the hat to the left's great prophet, Charles Darwin.  Darwin's "On the Origins of Man" is their Bible.

They assume it identifies them as enlightened; smarter than the rest of us because they have science on their side.  It solidifies there disdain for anything related to religion. 

The emblem says it all; man evolved from fish, not created magically by a God (you stupid religious neanderthal, an inferred reference).

But when societal evolution takes place, when tried and true methods of a civil society are proven to be the ideal, the left turns its head on natural progression and advancement.

Fact - the United States is the most successful advancement of Humankind in history.

Fact - the United States was the first country to have its Constitutional core based on the ability of man to determine his (or her) own destiny by acknowledging Rights come from Nature's God, not government, not from a King.

Fact - societal evolution has proven the ideal family unit is, and has always been, comprised of one Man and one Woman, united in marriage.

The final fact is where the left's natural evolutionist tendencies take a vacation. 

While they know most people still, and will always, see alternative lifestyles as an unacceptable norm to a strong society, they insist on mandating we honor same-sex partnerships the same way we do traditional marriage.

But why?  Who cares?  Perhaps I missed the wave of people being taken to the gallows because of their affection for a person with the same sexual appetite as them. Right, there haven't been. So what's their real agenda here?  If it's just about two people loving each other, who cares if society accepts the relationship, right?

Simple, it's all about money and respect.  It's about tax breaks.  It's about acceptance; they and their sympathizers demand respect (you religious neanderthal)!

But I've learned in my years, respect is not something one can demand; it's something one must command.  Without pressure, or childish ranting/protesting, respect comes naturally

Evolution can't change the natural order of things here.  Neither can those who want the government to force rights on us that God, and a civil society, haven't already given.

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