June 5, 2011

Four BIG Lies

Tea Party Patriots is releasing a four-part series of statements regarding the U.S. debt ceiling which explain the organization's opinion the topic.  Here is part 1:

Big Lie Number One:
 "Bush created all of these problems.  We are trying to solve them but it's much worse than we thought and it will take years for our solutions to have an impact."
There are numerous facts available to disprove this. But two of the biggest and best are:

Fact 1

President Obama increased spending and the size of government more than all previous presidents (from George Washington through George Bush) COMBINED.

President Obama created that problem and he should own it.
Fact 2

The number one, most important job of the House of Representatives every year is to create a federal budget. Under Nancy Pelosi (while Obama was in office) the House did not create a federal budget. They didn't even try. They did, however, write endless blank checks for Obama to use on his wild spending spree.
The liberal congress created that problem and they should own it.

We are hitting the debt ceiling because they went nuts with the country's credit card for the past 28 months.  It's not someone else's fault.  The problem was created quickly and it can be solved quickly by cutting spending and cutting up the credit card.  Raising the debt ceiling will only make it worse. PURE AND SIMPLE.  Don't buy it when they tell you it's more complicated than that.

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