June 6, 2011

Big Lie Number Two

Tea Party Patriots is releasing a four-part series of statements regarding the U.S. debt ceiling which explain the organization's opinion the topic. Here is part 2:

Big Lie Number Two  
"There's no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling. If we don't raise it America will not be able to pay back its creditors and the rest of the world will never trust us with money again. It will be a disaster!!!"

Fact:    The problem is not that congress can't cut spending. The problem is that congress doesn't want to cut spending.

There's a big difference.

The United States Government is addicted to spending money.  It is a gluttonous, greedy, vulgar addiction that makes drug addicts look stable by comparison.

If you lock a heroin addict in a nice room, provide him with everything he needs to live, but give him no more heroin, what happens?  He panics.  He will become totally irrational, scream, cry, beg, plead, bargain, lie, steal, and (given the chance) maybe even kill to get more drugs.  It would be difficult to watch him go through the painful process of breaking the addiction.  But if you care about his future, you know that you cannot trust the words that are coming out of his mouth.  It's the addiction talking.  You stand strong and cut off his supply until the addiction is broken.

It's time to lock the government in a nice room.  We will care for it and give it everything it needs to live.  And because we love America, we're going to stand strong and force it to break the addiction.

The truth is that the spending can be cut quickly and in a large enough amount to avoid blowing past the debt ceiling.

At the end of President Clinton's term in office (just 10 years ago) the government was operating with a budget surplus.  Some debate the specifics; but no one can debate that spending was far lower than it is now, and the economy was much better than it is now.

During President Bush's term in office federal spending climbed and climbed.  Government grew faster and bigger than it should ever be allowed to do.

President Obama has had the credit card for only 28 months.  And in that time the government has grown more than it did under all previous Presidents added together!

Common sense dictates that if it can be pumped up that quickly, it can be cut back quickly too.

Many of the things that will have to be reduced are popular government programs that politicians fear cutting.  But we cannot continue to survive as a country if we fail to properly manage massive government programs because they're considered "sacred cows".

The "sacred cows" have run off into the wild and are going to starve to death if we don't bring them back into the barn.

We've also got a few diseased "mad cows" (like Obamacare) that just need to be put down in order to save the herd.

Mr. President, Senate, & Congress;

We are not going to let you raise the debt ceiling.

So stop asking.

Now move on and deal with the spending problems.


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