July 18, 2007

Top Ten List - Gun Violence

Top ten things that will NOT stop gun violence...

10. making anti-Charlton Heston documentaries
9. gun locks
8. gun amnesty programs (trade old guns for cash)
7. eliminating guns - like they did in the U.K.
6. background checks
5. candlelight vigils
4. stop the violence "walks"
3. one-gun-a-month legislation
2. creating gun-free schools zones
1. This idea

Even though all of the above ideas have been tried, the death rate due to guns in Philly hasn't subsided. The United Kingdom outlawed guns years ago, but with radical Muslims infiltrating their country, how many gun-less Brits could stop a terrorist before he tries blowing up the next local airport? Perhaps the gun violence issue is much larger than these well-intentioned ideas can overcome.

By the way, kudos to the Pennsylvania legislature and the NRA for coming together to approve this common sense law to curb gun violence.

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