July 15, 2007

No Leftist Bias Here

In case you're of the opinion that a leftist bias doesn't exist in the news media, local or otherwise, perhaps you aren't paying attention. These "questions" - I'd call them political advertisments - took place during AM prime-time. Meanwhile, this story wasn't given a single mention by any local media.

With all due respect to Clayton Morris, he seems to be intelligent, witty, and more knowledgable than at least one member of congress. So why is it so tough for him to ask them a single tough question? Instead, he seems to be helping these two politicians make their points.

Some sample tough questions Clay could have used...

-Why didn't the Democrat controlled congress get troop withdrawl done, if there was such a "mandate", by simply getting enough votes to override Bush's veto?

-Why did the Democrat Congress try to tie a withdrawl timeline to funding for the troops?

-Congressmen, I hear there is good news coming from a battle just north of Bahgdad where locals stood side-by-side with Iraqi troops, aided by American jets who took out bridges which pinned the enemy inside the town. The result, some would say, is a sign that the Iraqi's are fighting back against Al Quaeda. Is this, gentlemen, proof of the surge working?

I guess those questions will come the day after a Democrat is in the White House.

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