July 16, 2007

Big Picture Numbers

Most of you have surely heard of President Bush's lagging poll numbers. Currently, the Commander in Chief is at a lowly 39% favorable rating (58 unfavorable) according to Rasmussen Reports (July 16). By the way, this is up 6 points just in the last 5 days.

Other numbers from Rasmussen, some comparable to Bush, some wish they were...

Supreme Court
John Rodgers (Conservative - Chief) 34/26
Sam Alito (Conservative) 35/37
Clarence Thomas (Conservative) 48/36
Antonin Scalia (Conservative) 50/50
Anthony Kennedy (Moderate/liberal) 15/42
Ruth Ginsberg (Liberal ) 37/35
John Paul Stevens (Liberal) 20/28
David Souter (Liberal) 17/38
Steven Breyer (Liberal)18/25

Congress (with "mandate" in hand) 16/46
Hillary Clinton (Senator/wife of Bill) 52/46
Michael Moore (Comedian/film maker) 25/47
Bill Gates (Multi-millionaire/Microsoft founder) 76/20
Jessie Jackson (uh, Reverend?) 23/73

In other Rasmussen poll news...
Bush is right to wait for September
News has liberal bias - gee, I think I saw that somewhere
After immigration debate, Republicans gain in numbers

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