July 5, 2007

Someone Check on Schwartz

"The decision of President Bush to commute the prison sentence of Scooter Libby is outrageous. We have long known the President considers himself unaccountable to the American people, and it is now crystal clear: he considers all members of his Administration above the law. This choice by the President demonstrates yet another case of his terrible lack of judgment. Scooter Libby lied to a grand jury and he lied to the FBI, but the President apparently believes Libby's lies were acceptable."
-Allyson Schwartz (D) PA-13th July 5th 2007

Oh Congressperson Schwartz, your memory and recollection are starting to worry me. Perhaps you should see a specialist. I hear the Cuban doctors are swell people.

First - the "leaker" was known to prosecutor Fitzgerald - THE DAY HE ASSUMED THE JOB. His (the leaker) name, as I'm sure you must know, was Richard Armitage. Armitage, a Clinton appointee from the State Department - not the oval office - told Bob Novak about Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson's connection.

Despite this knowledge, Fitzgerald proceeded with the investigation. What he could possibly be investigating, once he knows who the leaker was, is baffling at best. However, that evil Bush administration didn't aim to stop the investigation.

Second - Valerie Plame was NOT covert, undercover, nor unknown to anyone who was remotely interested at the time. However, she is the wife of Wilson, and she sent her husband to Northern Africa to dispute claims by Bush of Iraq seeking yellow cake, as the President did in his famous State of the Union address in '03. Wilson, who was apparently so convinced that Bush had made up the yellow-cake claim, failed to mention this to anyone until a report he wrote 6 months after his visit to the region. After her "outing", the media tour the Wilson's went on sure didn't make Valerie appear like someone wanting her status to be covert.

Third - Bill Clinton pardoned 14o people and commuted the sentences of several others in August of '99 , including 16 members of FALN. This group of Puerto Rican nationalists, was convicted of 120 bombings in New York and Chicago.

Now let's compare. On one hand, we have Scooter Libby. Fact: Libby didn't out Valerie Plame, Richard Armitage did. The investigation that followed was therefore a witch hunt. Without interference from the Bush administration, Libby was still asked to testify under oath. He was found guilty of lying under oath, despite the prosecutor's admission of "no underlying crime of outing (Plame)". Bush commuted his sentence. Still, Libby paid a $250,400 fine.

In the other corner, Bill Clinton (former President of the United States and lawyer) lied under oath and paid a fine. Further, he commuted sentences of criminals which can, at the very least, be seen as curious. Hillary agrees with me on this one; at least she did when she was running for the Senate (link). Would Allyson view these as critically as she does President Bush's communtation? Does the 13th District of Pennsylvania representative understand this action is completely within their constitutional rights as occupant of the oval office?

Now exactly who is "above the law" Mrs. Schwartz??

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