July 5, 2010

Infiltrators Flip Out at 4th of July Tea Party Rally

It was a blistering 95+ degree noon-time Independence Day gathering at Philadelphia's LOVE Park. Several dozen Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots had gathered for a brief rally against oppressive government and for all that is good in our great nation, on the 234th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence.

A half dozen notables spoke about their love of country, frustration with Washington, and generally provided those in attendance with an upbeat message aimed to refocus our nation toward it's constitutional core principals.

The highlight of the afternoon, as well as the low light of the rally, were provided by two completely different types of infiltrators.

Our first infiltrator goes by the name Tom Stone of Jenkintown. Tommy is a professional protester.  How do I know?

This article from Philly.com shows Stone leading an immigration protest the day before.  Take note of the signs in the background.  The Spanish signs says (translated) "No human being is illegal".  However, the English sign is from a group known as "Reform Immigration for America".  Who's that?  Team Obama.  And based on Stone's actions, the militant wing of the Obama administration when it comes to immigration reform. 

What the elected officials wouldn't dare do, Tom Stone will.  Tommy likes to stir the pot by organizing pro-illegal immigration protesters and through infiltration of Tea Party events.  If he's lucky, maybe he could goat them into a fight.

A handful of rally attendees quickly surrounded Stone and a few heated words were exchanged; it was a blistering hot day.  But the young lad was quickly and peacefully escorted a few feet away by the lone police officer observing the proceedings.

On the flip-side, literally, was an impromptu dance performance from a group known as Illstyle and Peace Productions

As conservative rap artist - yea, that's what I said - and frequent Tea Party activist, Hi-Caliber, performed, these 4 infiltrators showed the young Stone a better way to flip out. 

Decked out in patriotic American flag shorts, the quartet wowed the audience with break dancing, moon-walking, and feats of acrobatics which seemed at times to defy gravity, and human possibilities.

The crowd danced, waved their arms in the air, and thoroughly enjoyed Illstyle's unanticipated contribution to their rally.  They were planned to appear at events up and down the parkway this Independence Day, but stayed for the remainder of our rally as Tea Party folks shared water and talked peace with our new friends.

To our other guest, the young and immature Mr. Stone: perhaps you and your friends in the White House could learn a thing or two from Illstyle and from the documents (I know, guys like you have a thing with papers) which were proudly display at the rally - The Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution.

 It's all about Peace and LOVE, yo!!

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Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots-Lower Bucks said...

Great job on the blog, Ed! One of these days, you and I will have to sit down and you can give me some pointers on how to do a blog.

It was great seeing you yesterday and thanks for the video!