July 15, 2010

Immigration Clash Over Cheesesteaks in South Philly

The Big Talker WPHT 1210 AM and Joey Vento, owner of Geno's Steaks at 9th and Passyunk in the heart of South Philly, hosted a fundraiser to support the State of Arizona as it defends against a lawsuit by the federal government to halt their recently enacted immigration law.

Hundreds of supporters and a few dozen protesters clogged the well-known intersection to let their voices be heard on the issue.  The pro-illegal group beat drums like this was some sort of tribal warfare, while the pro-Arizona crowd sang God Bless America.  A mix of professionally and homemade signs littered one side; American flags on the other.  While the supporters of lawlessness chanted obviously rehearsed phrases like "shame, shame, shame", those in favor of law and order chanted simply yelled back, "USA, USA, USA!" 

They barked at each other for 2 of the 4 hours Dom Giordano held his radio show, but the event was a good example of folks agreeing to disagree.  Hazelton, PA Mayor Lou Barletta and State Representative Daryl Metcalfe joined Arizona's John McCain and Jan Brewer on the radio to show their support. 

Several Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots activists were there to offset Obama's professional protesters from "Reform Immigration for America".  It's not the first time these two groups locked horns.  See their first meeting from July 4th here.

All but one major news organization covered the event (where were you NBC 10?).  Fox 29's report has more on the festivities.

There's a plaque on the sidewalk outside of Geno's which best-summarizes the evening's gathering.  Only in America can reasonable and ignorant people gather together and express their heart-felt opinions on such a hot topic.  God Bless Geno's and God Bless America!!

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