June 27, 2010

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

How many Pennsylvania State Representatives might we assume play the "per diem" game?  According to the grand jury investigating Pennsylvania's State House, quite a few.  But beyond that, the grand jury calls the practice a "time-warped way of abusing taxpayer monies" and one of the major indicators of needed reform in Harrisburg.

Per Diem is the "legal practice" which affords politicians the luxury of having meals paid for at taxpayer expense when traveling outside their district.  The Fox 29 report details a dinner meeting between Rick Taylor (D-151), Patrick Norton - Director of Government Relations University of Penn Medicine, and Anthony DeLuca (D-32), Chairman of the PA House Insurance Committee.  The meeting happened the day before a hearing on the Health Information Technology Act although, according to the report, Penn officially hadn't taken a position on the Act.

Tim Potts of Democracy Rising PA calls it extortion but Taylor doesn't think so.

Except Taylor paid his own way that evening.  Why?  Did he do so because he knew it would be politically dangerous in this re-election season against Todd Stevens (R)?  If it's wrong Mr. Taylor, why did you ask Penn to pick up the tab in the first place?

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