June 25, 2010

We Hail Cardinal Dougherty High!!

With faith that’s strong,
With courage bold,
We wave our colors high,
Unfurl our banner to the world,
Our cross against the sky;
For in this sign we conquer all,
For God and school and land,
With the Trinity and Mary’s love,
To guide our youthful hands.

Alma Mater’s garnet and royal gold,
Sons and daughters salute you with pride;
Pledging hearts to you in loyalty
We’ll bear your glory far and wide!
With wisdom and truth you nourish us,
With love our souls you fortify;
So dear Alma Mater,
Your sons and daughters hail!
We hail Cardinal Dougherty High!

...at 4pm today, once the largest Catholic High School in the World, Cardinal Dougherty closed her doors for the last time.

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