October 17, 2009

So Dear Alma Mater...

...your sons and daughters hail, We Hail Cardinal Dougherty High.

The 'protest' being held today on the grounds of my old school is, for some, one last-ditch effort to "Save CD" from its ultimate demise and closure.

But not for this alum. I will attend today's rain-soaked event (scheduled for 11am) to commiserate with fellow graduates of the old school on North Second Street in the Olney section of Philadelphia. However, unlike the event's organizers, I will be there not to protest so much, but rather to celebrate the 54 year history of our school.

I understand the betrayal felt by some; I understand they feel they've been lied to. I know how heart-wrenching it feels to have such an important part of your life ripped from you.

Simply stated though, I am not bitter about the closing. I understand that some things in life simply cannot last forever. Cardinal Dougherty (and Northeast Catholic) will be closing its doors at the conclusion of this year's school year. It's a sad commentary of the state of the Catholic church in the City of Brotherly Love and the abandonment of a parochial education by the City's residents.

But the truth is, even the Roman Coliseum was abandoned at one point and had its doors closed forever. Dougherty and North will unfortunately follow the same fate.

Life will still go on.

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