October 2, 2009

Candlelight Conflict Over Obamacare

A few weeks ago, the Philadelphia chapter of MoveOn.org held a candlelight vigil in the Keswick Village section of Abington to show support for Obama's health care plan. Van loads of MoveOn.org members were brought in for the event. I guess they couldn't find enough support in Abington without them.

Some of us found out about the event a few hours before and decided to have a little gathering of our own.

This video footage, courtesy of Abington News and Views, is a great example of just how brain-washed MoveOn.org's members are on the issue. While fingers were bitten off in similar events elsewhere in the country, this event was somewhat civil; that is unless you were the leader of the event. She seemed a little testy - must be a Philly thing.

Ask yourself which side appears to be full of facts and who exactly is getting "bad information".

No arguing allowed, as you can see. Dissent or discussion just isn't good for anyone's health these days.

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