September 23, 2009

Hoeffel's Job Compromises Governor Run

In a statement released earlier today, Montgomery County GOP Chairman Bob Kern's asked for Joe Hoeffel to resign his position as chairman of the county's Board of Elections. This comes on the heels of Hoeffel's announcment yesterday that he will join an already crowded Democrat primary field for governor.

"Joe Hoeffel chairs the Montgomery County Board of Elections and can act in that capacity to advantage his candidacy for Governor. He needs to step down immediately and allow for an alternate to be appointed in his place", Kerns said.

Kerns also pointed out that Joe didn't do this last year when he was on the ballot, as an alternate delegate for Hillary Clinton at the DNC convention.

Historically, Montco Commissioners have resigned these positions when their names are on the ballot. The President of the Court of Common Pleas, Judge Richard Hodgson, has the power to assign a temporary replacement.

However, Joe has a history of making his own rules. Give Kerns credit for helping him make up his mind.

It's a shame Joe needs to be reminded of his responsibilities to the tax payers he should be serving.

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