June 30, 2009

What If Hope and Change Fail?

Rush Limbaugh was hammered for being honest; he wanted President Obama, or more specifically his policies, to fail. Rich Lowery has an article in the New York Post which suggests this may already be happening.

As the public sees more of the Obama agenda and his M.O., the more they seem to cringe. Obama's public health care option is on life-support itself - so admits democrat Tom Daschle; Cap and Trade is quickly heading in the same direction.

As Lowery points out, Iran and North Korea haven't suddenly become warmer to the US since the chosen-one took office. Instead, they continue to be thorns in our side.

Wooo hooo - the Iraqis are taking over their own security and the troops should be home soon - at least one campaign promise has been fulfilled. But the president isn't getting the kudos he expected. After all, not one specific policy change caused this to happen. It is a simple, successful, conclusion to Bush's war.

As more petals of the Obama rose fall to the floor and public opinion wains, it will be interesting to see how he reacts.

Displaying grace and eloquence when one is on the rise is easy. Maintaining that smooth disposition when the going gets tough is a much more difficult task.

He won't be allowed to simply read a prepared speech off the teleprompter; he'll need to think on his feet.

Will he be up to the task or get caught in his own rhetoric?

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