June 20, 2009

Olive Garden Drops Letterman

Two snubs to host the Tonight Show, one lost battle with what I'm sure he thought was a dim-witted Sarah Palin, and now a well known sponsor pulls its advertising.

Formally known as a brilliant comic mind, David Letterman is quickly becoming his own joke.

H/T Dan Cirucci


W said...

Letterman should have done his homework before making the joke in order to use the correct name. But Bristol Palin made herself a part of her mom's campaign therefore she became a fair target for the media. In this past election no other presidential/vice-presidential campaign child chose to do so, and accordingly the media didn't focus on anyone else but Bristol.


page13 said...

Speaking of homework...I seem to remember John McCain's daughter visiting the campaign office in Blue Bell, because I was there. In fact, she is still making appearances and capitalizing on her Dad's spotlight a little more.

Bristol and the entire family traveled with mom for periods of time during the campaign. They didn't make a single political speech; they simply supported their mom.

If supporting a loved one during the campaign opens one up for the vitriol and hate that has spewed from the left since Sarah was nominated Veep, then our country is dead to common sense and decency.

The campaign is over...so why do Dave and the other "comics" continue to take shots?

Because they are filled with hate. They were/are going to make a political issue out of Bristol's pregnancy, because it was/is a political opportunity; NOT because Bristol injected herself into the debate.

So consumed is the left with abortion (and the concept of teaching abstinence) they saw/see an opportunity and willingly chose/choose to seize it.

Let's call it for what it is.