June 28, 2009

page13news - Off the Record

On June 16th, I sat down with Montgomery County's Democrat Jury Commissioner, Greg Holt, to discuss a wide variety of issues from Tehran to Abington.

We were taping a segment of Abington News and Views called Off the Record, with host Dan Loney. Regular readers may recall I've appeared on the show before. However prior episodes, with columnist Ted Taylor, were not very fiery since we generally agreed on most issues. This show has just a bit more excitement.

In the first segment, Greg and I discuss President Obama's performance.

Next, we discuss Government Motors, Obama's universal health care plan, and Sonya Sotomayor.

Finally, Arlen Specter and the impact locally, as well as a few local issues.

If you live in or near Abington, make sure you check out future Abington News and Views episodes on Comcast Willow Grove channel 190. Thanks again to Tom Kirk and his wife Karen for being gracious hosts.

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