April 10, 2009

We Are...Lame State

I'm more than a bit disappointed with my Alma Mater. It seems Penn State's human resource department has a neat little box, a label one might say, for those individuals who serve in the military.

This video, courtesy of Hot Air, is one in a series where professors are trained on how to deal with several disturbing incidents in the classroom.

First. Isn't it amazing a video such as this is needed to teach those brilliant professors how to cope with troubled students? It reminds me of those training videos companies have produced to inform trainees about dealing with unruly customers or conflict in the workplace.

Second. It's sad to see how these elite, holier-than-thou, and brilliant (in their own mind) individuals view those soldiers who guarantee their right to have such a condescending and ignorant view.

We Are...Lame State.

H/T Yardo