April 23, 2009

Fox News Crashes MSNBC Meeting

Good. It's about time these frauds get what they like to dish out.

Of course, dissent isn't allowed. So not surprising that the microphone was cut off on Jesse Waters, a Fox News reporter and producer for the O'Reilly Factor who is known for stirring the pot, when he asked a critical question of Jeff Immelt, CEO of NBC.

NBC didn't just cut the mic on Waters. Another questioner also had her voice silenced when she asked a question about meetings where it's rumored NBC execs pressed for more positive coverage of the Obama administration and their policies.

...yet more evidence the MSM is in the tank for Obama and the death of journalism.

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Nathan Benefield said...

I find the most interesting part of that article the paragraph on how GE is positioning itself to "capture stimulus dollars".

Hmmm ... why would such a company want to own TV networks that publicly defend Obama and the 'economic stimulus'?