March 10, 2009

Stem Cell 'Ban' - All About the Money

What the main-stream-news organizations conveniently forget to tell you during their reporting of President Obama's executive order lifting the "ban" on stem cell research is that embryos were allowed to be used for research prior to yesterday.

Bush simply capped the number of embryos to existing lines, when he issued the order in 2001.

Unfortunately, embryonic stem cells have shown little promise so far to actually cure anything. On the other hand, adult and umbilical cord stem cells have shown tons of promise.

No, the ban had nothing to do with embryonic research happening, it was all about who was going to pay for it. Thanks to the vision of Obama, we all are.

The dirty little secret about embryonic stem cell research lies behind winning patents and now of course, government funding for further research. The government we elected has officially endorsed and is encouraging profiteering, from killing embryos.


AlexC said...

They really want to justify abortion not "it's my body" grounds but defending the killing of babies as theraputic to the living.

That's the real brave new world.

Nathan Benefield said...

To be more explicit the "ban" was only on federal taxpayer funding on research on new lines of embryonic stem cells.

There is no ban or limitation of any kind on private funding, university funding, or even state funding of stem cell research.