March 28, 2009

Saying No to "Earth Hour"

Personally, this joke called Earth Hour inspires me to leave all my lights on for the next 24.

Even in these tough economic times, I can afford to poke my finger in the eye of wackos everywhere.

Earth to environmentalists, I am NOT in peril, but your lame arguments regarding my demise are quickly losing favor with the public.

This Don Quixote Syndrome sure is entertaining.


On a similar note, has anyone else experienced higher than usual light bulb malfunctions in their home recently?

G.E. has long been known for bringing new ideas to light as the world's leading manufacturer of standard light bulbs. G.E. is also a leading manufacturer of the new "environmentally friendly" bulbs. You know, the ones where you need mercury-remediation-specialists to properly dispose of them.

So when G.E. uses their television entity (the NBC network family) to push green technology, is that just coincidence? Or do they gain to profit from this artificial need to save the planet?


Anonymous said...

Easy Ed, someone might accuse you of being a conspiracy theory wacko!!

page13 said...

You should see my tin foil hat collection.

Anonymous said...

My tinfoil hat has a "SUNOCO" logo on it!

Anonymous said...

Hey speaking of Sunoco Tinfoil hats....Oil is at $50 a barrel, hasn't moved in price for several weeks, but gas is now above $2 per gallon......Hmmmmmmmmm Maybe I need to add another layer of foil......