February 7, 2008

1976 Redux

I now know how the Goldwater wing of the party felt following the bicentennial convention.

Most of those delegates knew they made a mistake in choosing Ford over Reagan that year, although I'm not sure how many felt that Carter would go on to beat the President that fall. Mitt Romney's decision to suspend his race leaves the neocon base with a serious conservative void this election season.

Over sixty percent of the republican party has voted for someone other than John McCain through super Tuesday. Is he talented enough to win them over? I doubt it.

I wonder if Rick Santorum is available for a late entry...


Ralph said...

I'm actually a bit confused when it comes to the ultra-conservative voter. They'll stay home and not vote for McCain which will most likely cause the election of the Dem candidate…That’s what I love about clear thinking conservative zealots.

page13 said...

Given little difference between McCain and (fading-fast) Clinton, the "zealots" would rather remain true to their convictions than compromise them. It kinda blows your whole kool-aid drinking theory to shreds, eh?

With a (eh hem) "moderate" in the Oval Office and a "progressive" Congress they will work in unison to destroy what's left of this great land. They'd just as soon let Hillary and the Dems get the credit.

With Obama and his admittedly socialist agenda (verses the hidden Clinton one), at least McCain can rightly claim to be the more conservative.