February 23, 2008

Kats Meow

It's 1979, behind the iron curtain in former Soviet-controlled Ukraine. A teenager is about to embark on a journey which will bring her to the United States and the City of Brotherly Love.

One can only imagine how Marina Kats must have felt as she left her home for the rough landscape of Philly. She didn't speak a word of English back then, so chances are Joey Vento wouldn't have served her a cheesesteak, but that was just the first of many obsticles she's since overcome.

Now, nearly 30 years later, she's the president and founder of a respected litigation firm, and president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. Marina is also on the board of Einstein Hospital, Temple's Presidential Advisory Board as well as Temple's School of Law Alumni Board.

She's been honored by the Governor as one of the "50 Best Business Women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania", and one of Pennsylvania's "Super Lawyers" as described by Philadelphia Magazine.

It's a good ol' American Story. Leaving communism behind for capitalism, leaving socialism for a piece of the American Dream, at the height of the cold war. Finding success despite the odds. Even though the Obama's are calling for change, it seems to me Marina proves things in the USA are just fine, as is.

On Monday, Montco's half of the PA-13th congressional district will endorse a candidate to challenge the incumbant democrat. Those I talk to give her a good chance at gaining the endorsement.

Given her credentials, Marina will succeed at one thing Raj Bahkta never could: Causing Allyson Schwartz to lose sleep.


Anonymous said...

That’s enough. I’ve allowed you to get away with throwing rocks at some of our most treasured American hero’s. People like Hoeffel, Hillary and every other patriotic card carrying member of the Democratic Party. But going after Joey Vento is the last straw. First of all, Vento does not refuse service to anyone, he just merely ask that you order in English. To throw this man under the bus is a travesty and I for one am not going to stand for it any longer. I have created a non-profit organization dedicated to holding every right leaning blog to the truth.
Donations can be sent to:
10 Canterbury Lane
Oslo, Norway 002011

You should try to emulating fine sites like “The Huffington Post and “Media Matters”.


Concerned Citizen

page13 said...

Oh recognize tongue-in-cheek will ya

Personally, I prefer a Sloppy's steak

Anonymous said...

Chink's are the best