January 29, 2008

Fading into the Florida Sunset

A lot of conservatives were excited at the prospect of a Fred Thompson presidential bid. But once he hit the stage, the script-less Fred lacked the presence of Reagan; unable to capture the moment. Had he been engaged earlier, and with a lot more energy, Romney may never have evolved into a viable conservative candidate.

Likewise, Rudy seemed destined for a showdown against the presumed Democrat nominee Clinton. Until the game plan was revealed.

Rudy, not to mention the DuHaime/Seaborn duo, failed to see the big picture of presidential politics. These contests are all about momentum and sustainability. Had Rudy been engaged in Iowa, showing strength and organization, Huck may never have emerged from nowhere. More likely, had Rudy been engaged in New Hampshire, McCain's express may never have gotten out of the bus terminal. Rudy's expected endorsement of McCain tomorrow, shows at least he's being consistent.

Most compelling to see how stoic Rudy looked in tonight's concession speech. Too he bad waited until the contest was over to give such a performance.

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