January 15, 2008

Olympic Horserace

Romney finally bags a relevant state, and handily at that (with 34% in - 39 to 30 over McCain). So if I'm following the media's conventional wisdom, this means he's not dead.

With 2 gold's, 2 silver's, and the potential for a bronze in South Carolina, could Romney be considered an emerging front runner by the MSM now? If this were the Winter X Games or the Olympics, ESPN would be doing one of those feel-good Sunday Night Conversations with Mitt. Somehow, I doubt the MSM will go there.

Interesting point by Nina Easton on FOX (Boston Globe, Wife of Romney staffer), will the ever-so-slightly mussed hair show he's human, much like Hillary's fake crying did? Fred Barnes also noted some potential persperation showing.

So all we need now is a win by Fred in SC and Rudy holding onto the Sunshine State and we are right back where we started heading into Super (I refuse to call it Duper) Tuesday. Except the Dr. Paul fantasy will thankfully be DOA.

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Ralph said...

Excuse me but Ron Paul is a patriot and his “constitution first” platform is what we need. Let’s get back to good old fashion power to the people.
OK…now on to serious things.
I know you are an ultra right-wing nut and that’s why I love you but the conservatives had their chance and guess what…”THEY BLEW IT”. Past presidential elections have been close and I think when that independent voter is in the booth, he/she will have the last 8 years of the Bush presidency on their minds and enough will pull the Dem lever to take them over the top. When this happens, we’ll be waving to the Mexicans on their way to America as we go the other way. As far as the Republican candidates go, Mitt is our best hope for getting this country in some kind of fiscal shape. John McCain is a great senator but I don’t think he would make a great president. And Rudy is running on terror, this only goes so far.
So if you plan on staying when the Dems take office, stock up on plastic, duct tape and start saving your money now.