November 20, 2009

Message to PAGOP, Go Right!!

Here's a great article by Lisa Mossie (Bluftooni/PAWaterCooler) on why conservatism and GOP success isn't just a national need; the formula works locally too.

Lisa points out, when the state and local GOP stray from conservative candidates because of a fear of "extremist" labels being assigned to them, they lose. A fractured party working against its own, carries the same result.

Case in point, East Norriton GOP was fractured and they lost. Abington, on the other hand was united; we had a much better evening.

The local GOP better realize this for next November.


Anonymous said...

The Abington GOP did not fare THAT well. They lost EVERY school board seat despite spending at least 10x more than the democrats on their campaign. Only incumbent GOP candidates won at the local level. Also, all the democratic candidates for Montgomery County Judge had more votes in Abington than the republican candidates. Let's not OVERSTATE the successes of ATRO.

Ed said...

You mean the money the School District spent on a year-long political advertisement doesn't get documented in ARDC candidate's campaign finance reports?

You even had a catch phrase, the "Triple Crown".

The Red-Carpet Gala, the first-ever School District newsletter unveiled during campaign season, and the Abington Fall Family Festival which isn't going to be an annual thing, just an election-year three day promotional gimmick.

...thinly-veiled political advertising at tax-payer expense.

With a significant voter registration advantage, you should win in Abington and in Montco, but you didn't. Gary and Garrett worked harder than the opposition, therefore they won.

Make no mistake, ARDC thought they had the Board of Commissioners or would at least win one more seat, they didn't. They tried everything they could, including running against a recent widow following in her husbands footsteps. Shameful.

The school board was never going to flip, but Steve, Joe, and Brad ran a good race. It was not the cake-walk I'm sure ARDC expected.

It was a good night for incumbents, but don't try to tell me the Democrats weren't well funded.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Mossie for County Commissioner!