November 24, 2009

How Inconvenient, huh Al?

The Wall Street Journal summarizes the tone and meaning of over 3,000 emails among the world's "leading scientists" on the subject of Global Warming.

In short, they suppressed evidence, stifled debate, and stole research money.

Why do you think the "Green Job Czar", NBC's "green week", hybrids, recycling, open space, Al Gore's purposely misleading propaganda movie, and the pending Bait and Switch (Cap and Trade) bill in Congress have relevance?

If the general public is snookered into thinking the world will end if we don't act to stop global warming now, they will blindly hand over their soveriegnty to America's newest tyrants - environmental socialists.

They are seeking the destruction of the evil Big-Oil-based economy which propelled the U.S. to world leader. This is why extremist like Van Jones were placed by Obama administration, to oversee green job creation in an effort to "give them the wealth!!"

This was a planned effort by all those involved. They now know time is short if they are to be successful in pushing thru Cap and Trade. Desperation will lead to further aggression.

H/T Tony Phyrillas

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