February 25, 2009

Senator Byrd: Obama in Power Grab

From the 'I never thought I'd agree with _______' files...

If Democrats like Byrd think this way, what about Joe six pack?

In related news, it seems President Obama has polling issues. When you look at his approval ratings (62.5) one month after being sworn into office, the media's favorite president is on par with George W. Bush (62) at the same point in his first term. That's George. W. Bush.

Remember how Democrats and political pundits said Bush didn't have a mandate following the disastrous post-election fallout from Florida in 2000? The "experts" said Bush would have a hard time pushing his agenda based on his lack of support.

Now that their chosen one is on equal footing publicly, will the MSM say the same about Obama? Don't count on it.

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