February 10, 2009

National Electronic Medical Records?

Private medical records will be going digital and a new position, National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will be created if the stimulepork package passes.

How comfy do you feel about that one?

However, that's not the worst of it...

from Betsy McCaughey at Bloomberg
Elderly Hardest Hit

Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt.

Medicare now pays for treatments deemed safe and effective. The stimulus bill would change that and apply a cost- effectiveness standard set by the Federal Council (464).
The government will determine what's safe and cost-effective? What part of their track record indicates they have the talent to do such a thing?

The elderly should "be more accepting"?? Of what exactly? The fact that the government which promised to fund their retirements, medications, and health care under the current system, will now strip those benefits away because it isn't cost effective to treat them anymore?

Remember, Daschle was gong to head up the cabinet agency responsible for this aspect of the "stimulus" package, until he was caught not paying to fund the bureaucracy.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the ...strange.


Anonymous said...

Electronic Medical Records - a way to save money. They are going to require that all doctors that provide medical coverage to those on government medical programs (like Medicare) have software to keep their patient's records electronically. They are also going to require that they are able to process prescriptions through a software program. This will save millions of dollars in staff (and paper) not having to handle, process and approve forms for coverage for those on Medicare. The savings will allow the program to continue for many more years without major cost increases to the seniors on the programs. I think its a sound idea. Anyway you can save some of my tax dollars is great.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have no idea of the continuous increasing costs of running a medical practice. If you have ever, or especially recently experienced the amount of "paperwork" that is necessary to run all of these electronic systems you would realize that the number of staff members needed has increased dramatically. Medicare billing used to be done by one person in an office.......now, since it is "all Electronic," all of the actual paperwork has to be written up and then sent out to a billing company......This uses more paper and labor than it ever did in the past, and this is only one small example of what has been happening over the last several years......and it is only going to get worse. Just talk to people you might know who work in the medical field.

page13 said...

No, seriously, you're both right, I have no understanding of how a government bureaucracy can lead to increased paperwork, cost, and red tape.

Actually, my lack of understanding relates to people like you, who fail to see the problem with increasing the reach and scope of BIG government, establishing a Medical Czar, and rationing of care.