May 17, 2011

Justice Served in Crestmont and Willow Grove

Abington Township Ward 5 Commissioner Wayne Luker overcame a stiff, well-funded opponent and won his battle for re-election in Tuesday's Democrat primary.  Abington Patch has the full story.

Wayne Luker and Greg Holt
photo courtesy Abington Patch
Beyond the eminent domain issue I mentioned in my prior post, Luker had also bucked his own party by voting against a partisan attempt by Abington Democrat Commissioners to enact an anti-discrimination ordinance.  Luker's vote did not sit well with one very emotional fellow commisioner and several party leaders.

Luker's opponent, Donna Brewer, at the forefront of the anti-discrimination ordinance, tried to use Luker's opposition to motivate the electorate in a final-weekend attack video produced and distributed on DVD.  Tuesday, voters showed Brewer what they thought of her attacks; Luker won handily.

This is good news for my fellow patriots.  An independent voice in the Democrat party exists and voters in this very "blue" ward there like that. 

Congratulations Commissioner Luker!

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Anonymous said...

Wayne Luker stated he supports the ADL No Place for Hate Program they
are the sponsor of the LGBT agenda

See how well this worked for Penn State

Santorum nexus to Sandusky