October 8, 2010

Allyson Schwartz's 'Uh-Oh' Moment

Joe Geraghty from National Review Online has some news about the 13th Congressional District in Pennsylvania sure to shock the Northeast Philadelphia/Northern Montgomery County race.

Short version:  Allyson Schwartz is trailing challenger Dee Adcock in what was once considered to be a "safe" Democratic District in an internal poll of likely voters.

Schwartz, co-author of Obamacare, sponsor of the soda fat-tax, and who approved every spending item of the Pelosi-lead Congress since taking the gavel in 2006, is in the first real race for her political life.  Though she still enjoys better name recognition than Adcock, when it comes to issues - you know, the stuff that really matters - she trails the successful businessman.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its high time Allyson Schwartz got the boost.

She's the one who got SEPTA the money to waste on designing parking garages in Jenkintown that will never get built. $30 million for 250 spots. Are you for real lady? Time to get the boot.