August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor, Get It?

Quite frankly, even some of the supporters and attendees of yesterday's Restoring Honor Rally at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, didn't quite get it.  Quite frankly, I'm not sure I do either.

view from the Washington Monument
It was partly an award show for several unsung American citizens, mixed with an American Hero version of the Emmy's or Grammy's, minus all the self-aggrandisement that comes from Hollywood.  It was sprinkled with recognition of what happened at this historic location 47 years ago.  And it was smothered with a heavy dose of God, faith (not religion), and a return to Divine Providence.

"Just who do you think you are?", Glenn Beck asked himself several times over the last several months including one visit to the steps where Dr. King inspired a generation of Americans with his dream.

Critics have asked the same question of Beck, but with a tone in their voice which seemed to indicate they were cocking their guns, ready to fire if he didn't pull off his plan to hold the rally.  He had no intention of putting Jack back in the box.  Despite threats of violence to himself and others who dared join Glenn on stage, he would not back down from this day.

Neither did the over 500 thousand who chose to stand with Beck around America's Reflecting Pool and, God forbid, reflect on His role in our lives.

Honor individual American citizens who make our country great; honor our brave soldiers; honor the legacy of Dr. King; honor God.  It was time we restored the meaning of honor and Beck provided the stage.

Though Tea Party groups from across the country provided logistical assistance (organizing over 1,400 bus loads of rally attendees), this was NOT a Tea Party.  It was NOT a political event.

Two weeks from now the political event takes place.  The 2nd annual 9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington will take place.  There will be signs, flags, and very clear messaging to our elected officials in D.C..  Beck didn't want this to be a political event and it wasn't.  Yes, Sarah Palin was there.  But not in her political persona, rather as a Mom of a soldier, honoring his service our country.

Glenn has spent the last year saying no matter what your political affiliation, if this country doesn't return to the fundamental principals which propelled it to the position as the world's guiding light, we are collectively doomed.  He has spent the last year educating his listeners about the Founders.  What inspired them?  What motivated them?

The answer:  Divine Providence.

page13news' perspective
The belief this country is destined to greatness because of the freedoms provided by a strong relationship - no matter which form it takes in your life - with the Creator.  The Creator who endows us to the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  No government agency, no politician, can provide these rights.  If you think they do, you enslave yourself to them.

As he wrapped up the event, Beck offered an observation.  He told the audience at yesterday's rally, no matter what the number officially given to the massive crowd, it would be seen as a failure if it simply ended there.  If we didn't take this opportunity to reconnect with our Creator and change the priorities in our lives, the sun will set on the shining city on the hill.

Laus Deo
At the very top of the Washington Monument are two words facing the heavens - Laus Deo - Latin for "Praise Be to God".  No visitor can see these words because it's a message to the Creator.  Laid after the Civil War, at a time when our country finally rid itself of the scourge of slavery, it symbolized the mood of a nation during a time when it need healing.

What happens now is up to us, as it always has been, God willing.


Linda Wink, Bad Girl Vintage said...

Thank you for summing up this wonderful event. I was there. I will never forget! Thank you.

Lil said...

Ed, greagt job summarizing the day. I just wish the sound was better...where we were, it was muffled most of the time. I couldn't believe the sea of people. Now I wonder what the "lame mainstream" will say,if anything. Thank goodness for Fox News. Our bus was great, in returning after the rally as after dinner. They were a great audience as Rob spoke. But we are relinquishing the job to others for 9/12 as we and a few of our group are going by train for a few days!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the 6pm NBC news, and not one mention. They did, however, spend 5-7 minutes on the Bush Administration's "failures" in the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, perfect summary of the event....thank-you. Wish people who criticize would actually listen to what was said before attacking Glenn.