May 28, 2009

Toomey on Sestak Entry

Pat Toomey released a statement late yesterday welcoming a potential 2010 general election contest against Joe Sestak.

Sure, Toomey believes a primary contest on the Democrat side of the ticket - and the money they will spend - helps him in the general, that's good news for the only GOP candidate in the race at this point. But he also realizes Specter is still the front-runner, the party boss choice, and as such has an issue to relate his campaign to.

The message? The Washington insiders (i.e. elected members on both sides of the aisle) ultimately control who runs and gets money; incumbents have a significant advantage.

Specter, and his Democrat allies in Washington, defines the problem in Washington.

In a throw-out-the-bums 2010 election cycle, Toomey's message will have stickiness.

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