August 23, 2007

Another Bad Donkey Idea

"Today we propose fundamental changes in the contracting process," Damsker said, "so taxpayers get what they have been told they already have - a business-like government."

The Democrat candidates for Montgomery County Commissioner outline a 13 point plan (actually a 23 since item #5 had 10 bullet points of it's own) to, as they claim, improve the contracting process.

The points of their argument have several flaws. The most obvious is the assumption (you know what they say about assuming) that none of their "ideas" are currently implemented on county projects.

However, the one point they make which raises my eyebrow involves the "class A apprenticeship" concept (idea #9) that all county contractors' employees are required to possess. The only workers who officially receive this type of training are, of course, union employees.

So are the donkeys' plans real ideas to create a "business-like" government...or are they resolutions to created problems, used to fulfill campaign promises to the Democrat's largest contributors?


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, Unions serve a real purpose. But they to have gone the way of big business. Trips to Vegas, bulging admin staff and payrolls. They need to get back to their roots.

page13 said...

They are in the process of their own self-destruction. Their stubborness will result in them losing their jobs.

If you haven't read Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" (summary below), I recommend you do. It's great insight into the globalized marketplace.

If we don't stop the unions from watering down education standards, to preserve their precious "tenure", our kids will be working for Chinese or Indian firms, not American ones.